Seven Ways to Lose Your Buyer

1. Hang out during an open house.
No matter how nice you are, you’re bound to make the buyers uncomfortable, and they won’t be able to visualize themselves living there.

2. Say “My price is FIRM!”
It’s the real estate equivalent of saying, “Go away!”

3. Refuse to do needed repairs.
Although it’s hard to put money in when you’re trying to get your money out, if you wait to make the repairs after the buyer’s inspection, the buyer will take you to the cleaners for each repair.

4. Bluff during negotiations.
Even when you really do have another bidder, keep it to yourself. Buyers don’t believe it in today’s market.

5. List your home in the wrong price bracket.
Every buyer shops by price bracket. For example, $300,000-$350,000 or $350,000-$400,000. If your home is priced at $355,000, you’ll be competing with people looking for higher-priced homes.

6. Refuse the first offer.
Four out of five times, the first offer will be your best offer.

7. Refuse to counterbid a lowball bid.
Buyers who throw in low bids aren’t always wise guys. Some just like to test the “low” and will quickly come up if you give them a counteroffer.

New York Daily News

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